10 Best Facebook Page Filmmakers Should Follow

10 Best Facebook Page Filmmakers Should Follow

10 Best Facebook Page Filmmakers Should Follow

Are you a new filmmaker, trying to find out some great tips and tricks of film making? Then you must follow some popular Facebook pages that will help you in your artistic journey.

Film-making has many challenges and demands. It is extremely important to be aware of the latest trends.

If you are wondering how to make a great marketing video or a short film, you should follow these 10 Facebook pages which can play a vital role in film-making:

  1. Filmmaker Magazine

Filmmaker Magazine is one of the best Facebook pages on filmmaking. You can get informative content on hair & makeup, direction and the others aspects of filmmaking on their page. You should also check their website after following their Facebook Page for interesting articles.

  1. Taste of Cinema

Taste of Cinema is a wonderful Facebook page where you can find a list of articles such as

  • The 30 best movie performances of 2015
  • 10 dark European films that you must watch
  • The 20 Best Uses of Mirrors in Cinema History
  • The 25 Most Disturbing Horror Movies of All Time
  • 10 Great Movies Where The Protagonist Never Speak
  • And many more such articles

The list articles are available in a variety of themes. (Reform the sentence)

This Facebook page will guide you to watch the best movies, the best way a filmmaker learns.

  1. Indie Wire

Serving the independent filmmakers, movie lovers and the industry at large as an online forum and newsletter since 1996, it is the oldest platform of news information and networking regarding film-making. You can also find movie reviews, interviews, festival coverage around the globe and much more in this page.

  1. Waytooindie

As a filmmaker, you must be well aware of everything that is happening in the world of indie films. Waytooindie is your one stop destination for analysis, news, reviews and interviews. Their specialty lies in providing the in-depth analysis of movies and music. It is their promise to the movie lovers and music fanatics to find themselves among friends with same mentality at Way Too Indie

  1. Indie Tips

Indie Tips posts multiple times in a week that engages its followers to get tips on writing, cinematography, acting, animation, production and direction.  In short, you get tips about each and every aspect of filmmaking in this page. They boast of being an encyclopedia that talks straight to the point after cutting down all the boring bits out.

  1. IMDb

Every filmmaker should be aware of the information on post and past films including its casts and crew, the past movie review or future expectations in the box office. This is where IMDb comes to the rescue. As per their name, they are the Internet Movie Database that has all the authentic information about the movies. They have also started showcasing the trailers, news and box office numbers of the upcoming movies. Every filmmaker should be aware of these things. This reveals about one’s passion in filmmaking.

  1. The Film Collaborative

The Facebook page of The Film Collaborative is a perfect blend of news, advice and     how-to articles. They offer a great range of educational, distribution and marketing services to indie filmmakers at an affordable price.

  1. Lights Film School

On their Facebook page, you can find helpful blogs on sections like tutorials, daily inspiration, product reviews and interviews. Reading the interviews of filmmakers from all over the world will inspire you. Just for the new entrants in filmmaking, the page about us reads as:

“You don’t need any prior knowledge. You don’t need any top-of-the-line filmmaking equipment. All you need is an internet connection, a camera with video capabilities, a computer with video editing software, and a passion to learn. We’ll provide the rest and will be with you every step of the way.”

  1. Creative COW

You can gain valuable insights and get useful information on the Facebook page of Creative COW about video production. It will help you to make a product video or a marketing video. What makes this page a favourite one is that you will have the professionals and production experts engaged in the comments while resolving issues faced by different individuals. So you get an opportunity to directly address your issue to them and get quick yet professional resolution.

  1. No Film School

This is the best Facebook page for anyone who wants to learn and polish the craft of filmmaking. You can find amazing tutorials on filmmaking, short films, interviews and latest news on their Facebook page. As their name says, they teach you filmmaking through their page and “NO Film School” is required.

These 10 Facebook pages can help you in making short films and full length films. You can also get knowledge about making marketing video and product video by following these pages.

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