10 tips for making a good logo

10 tips for making a good logo

10 tips for making a good logo

A logo is any company’s first impression, one that can impact a customer’s brand perception, purchase designs and overall attitude towards a product. A great logo is more than images and words.


  1. Create memorability: Logo represents the brand through the use of shape, font colour and images. All this can be done by the medium of videos. Consumers shop with their eyes and video marketing can be easier to remember the products, their names and services. Overtime, a consumer comes to associate your logo with your company.
  2. Understand the brand: Logo is an introduction to a brand and it should reach to a specific audience while designing. Write down what you think about the brand; perhaps even create a mood board with imagery that reminds you of the brand’s ideology. Is the brand utility driven or is it more focused on evoking emotion? Is it contemporary or quirky? What does the customer care about? And, what does the brand aspire to be? It is more vital to stay to the brand’s overarching personality.
  3. Colour is the key: If your company has already established the certain use of colours in advertising and other materials then it is important that these colours are reflected in a logo. Consistent use of colours brings familiarity. Also, there is a hidden psychology behind the colour selection. Like red signifies passion, orange signifies friendly, blue signifies trustworthy and black is for credibility and power.
  4. Use successful logos only as an inspiration: While it might be tempting to create something that looks like your favorite corporate logo. It will communicate an unintended message to your audience that you are lazy and uninspired. A successful logo should be simple, memorable, timeless and appropriate. Keep these as goals as you play around with ideas.
  5. Keep it simple and flexible: It’s important to have a balanced combination of simple and relevant logo – you want your logo to be interesting but you don’t want someone to have to sit and stare, analyzing the logo.
  6. Testing the design: In the early stage, you may have several ideas that you want to express in your logo design. Commit them all on some paper to see what works and what doesn’t. Even a design that’s a dud can spark an idea or offer one element that you want to retain in the next version of your design.
  7. Show the design to the test mark: It may be tempting to move forward once you have come up with what seems to you. Show your raw videos to a sampling of people who fit the profile of your ideal customer. Ask key questions that will reveal their reaction to your logo videos. Do they think it’s boring or exciting? Generic or unique? Also, check to see what message the logo conveys to them.
  8. Avoid relying on family and friends: While you may want to informally get the opinion of those close to you, their comments may not offer the kind of feedback you’ll find to be most useful. You can use family and friends to test your logos memorability. Let them look at the video for few seconds and then ask them to explain you. If they can remember most of it, then it’s memorable.
  9. Keep listening: Once your logo is finished, it’s important to stay open to feedback on the video. Listening remarks from people tells more about your company- who you are, what you do, what your company deals with etc. Hence, you can make sure that your logo formulation is good and far reaching.
  10. Social media: As many people are connected by social media, so make social media an important platform to advertise your company. If your company has an established online presence, run your logo past who are connected to you and ask them to forward it to their friends. It can help your company to earn more name and fame. Also, you can try out your logo on your website.

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