25 Surprising Facts About Photography

25 Surprising Facts About Photography

25 Surprising Facts About Photography

All of us are self-proclaimed photographers today because we have a camera in our phones. We are capturing landscapes, objects and moments all the time. Technology has made photography a simple task. We are well acquainted with terms like product photography, wedding photography, product video, etc.

However, it was not simple a few decades back. Let’s look at 25 surprising facts about photography:

  1. The technology that is used in today’s digital photography was invented originally by Kodak.
  1. The cameras that were used in the 1820s took several hours to capture a film.
  1. In 1820’s it was not possible to get a nice photograph where the person is smiling. After all, no one can hold a great smile for hours.
  1. Back in the 1820’s it was more difficult to photograph children. The mothers often disguised as chairs and held their babies.
  1. A new technique called the Rapatronic Photographic technique was invented in 1940’s by Dr. Harold Edger ton for detecting the fireball growth in nuclear explosion.
  1. Steve Sasson, an acclaimed engineer in Kodak Company created the first digital camera in December, 1975.
  1. It took about 23 seconds to get the first photograph from the first digital camera. It was able to record black and white photographs of 0.01 megapixels.
  1. The first aerial photograph was taken from a hot air balloon in 1858 by Gaspar Felix Tournachon. He was a French photographer and a balloonist.
  1. The process of colored photography was first introduced by the Lumiere brothers in 1907 when they invented the Auto chrome Plate.
  1. The first ever color photograph was created by James Clerk Maxwell in 1861.
  1. The chemicals used for developing photographs are known as photographic fixatives.
  1. The photographic fixatives are poisonous and dangerous, which can lead to death if consumed.
  1. An average of 350 million photographs are uploaded daily on Facebook.
  1. Dilish Parekh of Mumbai has the world’s largest collection of 4425 antique cameras.
  1. Manhattanhenge is a photographer’s delight twice a year when the setting sun perfectly aligns with the east to west streets in Manhattan.
  1. Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland achieved the Gunnies World Record for submitting the highest number of entries (1,68,208) for a photography competition.
  1. The world’s saddest photograph is that of a Sudanese child being brutally stalked by a large vulture.
  1. The saddest photograph was taken by Kevin Carter who committed suicide three months after taking the picture. He got a Pulitzer Prize for it.
  1. The oldest photograph that has a human in it was clicked in 1838 in Paris.
  1. After 22+ MP camera by Nikon and Cannon, Mamiya 645DF has 80 MP Camera.
  1. The most effective type of photo for women is the MySpace shot.
  1. The most effective type of photo for men is when they don’t look at the camera and don’t smile.
  1. There are total 240 billion photos on Facebook.
  1. The most expensive camera ever sold is the 1923 Leica-O-Series camera at a price of $2.8 million.
  1. 12 Hasselbald cameras were left on the Moon’s surface when man landed on the moon for the first time.

Today, we know about product photography, wildlife photography, etc. Thanks to the discoveries by the great people.

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