The Evolution of Video Marketing

The Evolution of Video Marketing

evolution of video marketing

The Evolution of Video Marketing

Marketing has always been very beneficial for people and their different businesses. They help in having more and more profits while they also help in having a better name as well. The same way, video marketing is also a great innovation that provides marketing through promotional videos and corporate video production for different products and product lines.

The following write up will be helpful for those who want to know about video marketing, promotional videos and how corporate video production can help business sales.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a term used for marketing the products of businesses through video campaigns. The inclusion of videos helps the company’s product as well as services promotion and leaves a greater impact in comparison to other types of marketing approaches.

How Do Promotional Videos and Corporate Video Production Help?

These videos can tremendously help marketing goals in the following ways:

  • According to a survey, 65% of the population is of visual learners, which complements the idea of using videos for marketing businesses.
  • Recalling and remembering video ads is also easy as 80% of the people can recall an ad they have watched in the last 30 days.
  • Many people like to be convinced with proof which is why better clarity draws more people.
  • Google has realized its importance which is why it ranks related videos higher in search results.
  • A published report shows that the inclusion of video in emails increases the click through rate by more than 200%.
  • According to an estimate, the total ad spending in 2016 is $5.4 billion.
  • ComScore shows that 65% of the users buy a product after viewing a video.

The Evolution

Video marketing has become one of the most prominent needs of the society. It has been evolving over the past few decades, which is why a big corporation like Google had already realized its importance for videos in searching and marketing back in 2006. It had bought YouTube for $1.56 billion in 2006, just a year after the inception of YouTube.

The evolution has been much more innovative and speedy now. It takes place mainly through animated videos and informative videos over three different mediums, which include:

  • Social media
  • YouTube
  • Smartphones

These three mediums have been the number one driver platforms for these innovations to change and improve while the evolution takes place through the following major trends in the industry lately

  • 2006

Blendtec produced its in-house commercial while Dove sparks beauty among women through evolution campaigning. This was a breakthrough and it attracted all sorts of businesses to use video marketing.

  • 2007

Regular people started posting videos on YouTube and started earning good money. For example; a one-minute video of a boy biting another’s finger got millions of views and made about $150,000.

  • 2010

Old spice created the first interactive video campaign for reintroducing their brand to new generations. It opened doors for more interactive promotional video campaigns.

  • 2012

Metro trains remain innovative through its dumb ways to die app, to open new horizons.

  • 2014

The superstars have played a great role in this year as more and more players and personalities took to their accounts to make a difference as J. K. Rowling, Stephanie Meyers made more just in a week while PSY took down Messi and Kobe both in this way through views while, charity flourished with the help of the Ice Bucket challenge to raise even more

The video marketing industry is still growing and we can safely presume that its use will only increase among businesses in the coming years.

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