Things you need to know about Professional Photography

Things you need to know about Professional Photography

Things you need to know about Professional Photography

Photography is totally subjective. People’s opinions on what’s cliche and what’s not are entirely their point of view. Doing a bit of everything restraint is the key to avoiding clicking cliche photos, you can get away with doing the things in old cultural manner which supposedly is taught to be the best before it becomes boring and repetitive. Any photographer who wants their work to stand out to be a winner at the end has to offer something unique to the viewer.
A good photo will stand up to criticism anyways without the need for cliches or post processing.
1. White vignette – This was meant to fix lens vignette issues, to get a focus on the frame. Doing it for end result is not so cool effect.

2. Selective colouring and that dizzy angle is So cool. said no one ever

3. HDR is cool. until you go overboard. It’s overdone and over saturated

4. Smooth skin using blur tools on editing. Far too many people never see the light when it comes to this point. Not a good idea. Skin texture has to be retained.
5. Adding a frame will not make your photos look any better.
6. Unnecessary Black and White – colors evoke different feelings or thoughts. Looking Artsy has nothing to do with this.
7. Naff Borders and Garish Watermarks. They’re distracting and unprofessional
8. Dutch Tilt – It is hard to look at the end result after click and its amateur not professional.
9. Heavy Vignette – it becomes part of the photo rather than just a feature therefore it distracts heavily from the main features.

Try avoiding these techniques, probably you will find a signature click soon.

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