Video Marketing Success Stories You Will Never Believe

Video Marketing Success Stories You Will Never Believe

Video Marketing Success Stories

Video content can grab the attention of more number of viewers. Some of the marketing videos could produce really incredible results.  These advertisers ensure that the audience find their videos highly entertaining, informative and to the point. Here are a few examples of marketing videos that could produce results that are really unbelievable.


When the advertiser is able to tell a human story that is so emotional, he is assured of a very large audience. Most of the videos created by GoPro are based on actions of the everyday heroes like surfers, skateboarders and various other sportsmen.

The original YouTube video was about a fireman trying to save a kitten. GoPro released a ‘remake’ of the video and posted the same on the GoPro account. The perfect blend of a compelling human story and everyday heroism enabled GoPro to illustrate the idea behind their product in a unique way. The video attracted about 30 million views.



Here is the story of a low budget video from ‘Salesforce’ that could generate sales worth $1 million. The ‘Professional Edition’ was a low budget video which was produced by a single person. He created this video using Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, Keynote and a USB mic. In just 6 months in the year 2015, this video helped to generate sales worth $1 million!


‘Real Beauty Sketches’ from Dove

Uniliver proved that a video can grab the attention of 114 million viewers the world over just in one month. Through the ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ Dove conveys that 54% of women the world over are their own worst critics of their appearance. The FBI trained forensic artist Gil Zamora listens to the verbal description by a woman about her own appearance and draws the sketch of that woman out of sight.

Zamora will again draw the sketch of the same woman based on description given by a stranger. In majority of the sketches, the stranger’s description was found more accurate and flattering. The ‘Real Beauty Sketches” generated about 3.8 million shares in the first month and in the next two months about 15000 new subscribers were added to the Dove’s YouTube channel.

Poo –Pourri Bathroom Deodorizer

“Girls Don’t Poop” was the title of the video that became a great viral hit. The video is about a product that prevents stink in the lavatory and spreads a pleasant smell. In just 7 days the video had 7 million views and not less than 278,000 shares. Ultimately, Poo-Pourri was able to increase its Facebook fan base by a whopping 350%.

GoldieBlox Toys

Goldie Blox creates toys as well as story books for young girls. When they released a video that featured two young girls playing with toys and singing songs that were alternatives to the Beastie Boys song “Girl”, there was an unprecedented spurt in their sales. In just one week the video had 8 million views.

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