Why every business or company needs a marketing video?

Why every business or company needs a marketing video?

benefits of video marketing

Why every business or company needs a marketing video?


You have any great idea, app, product or service that you would like to showcase to the world but you are confused about how to make it possible? Then, video is a great platform for you. But, how?

Well, let’s get into the facts first, there has been a significant amount of growth with the people who have internet access.

According to CISCO, 69% of all consumer internet traffic will be videos in the next few years. So with that in mind wouldn’t it be nice to be a part of the growing trend. So what is it with the ascend in the video these days? Why is it happening?

This is something every one of us may know as a matter of fact that most of the people these days are lazy; they get bored easily and most people move fast these days. They do not have time to reach for your page or download your brochure or files and wait for it to complete and spend their precious time to read it. But they do have time of two-to-three minutes to spare. So people will tend to watch your video at first and once they get convinced with the idea they tend to browse through your site further more.

It is said that people can be categorized into three types: people who are visual, people who are auditory, and people who are both. And, videos hit all three types of people. The reason being -the entertaining visuals that are accompanied by voice over, sound effects, props, narration and sometimes even with the music that makes a video. So to answer the question, yes your company needs a video and you must have one.

To prove this point further, if you are on a plane and you need to make your presentation to a client? In that case, all you need is to share your video and they can get complete information about your profile. A video to any company is like a 24×7 sales person which advertises your product at the same level to all your clients. This gradually increases your marketing pitch on digital platform.

If you have any awesome idea or service to be displayed to the world, you can share it with Lemonz Studios and we will take it from there.

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