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Lemonz Studios was founded to narrow down the gap between businesses’ need for video branding & storytelling and lack of Video Production Agencies, specialising in “Corporate Video Branding”.  Our team, proficient in video editing, motion graphics, filming, and script writing, is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure top-tier video production services.

We understand it takes a business marketing mindset and approach to create corporate videos, along with years of experience and specialisation in the industry, to cater to clients needs.  

Team of Lemonz Studios have spent a major part of the last decade, catering to video requirements of some of biggest names in the corporate world. Each person in our team have worked closely with business like yours for “Corporate Video Production”. 

We at Lemonz Studios, empower our clients with Customied Brand Video Strategy, Our customized video strategy, fast service, and a highly skilled and creative team loaded with 11+ years of experience. 

Our goal is to help businesses get more results and strengthen their branding and marketing efforts with “Video Branding”.

Founder Story

More than a decade ago, Lemonz Studios began as a vision in the mind of Anish, a passionate individual with a deep interest in digital media and storytelling. His journey in this field took him from Delhi to Melbourne, Australia, where he studied digital media. This experience broadened his perspective and equipped him with a global outlook on video production and storytelling.

Eager to delve deeper, Anish returned to India for advanced studies in production and direction. This phase of intense learning and exploration honed his skills, shaping him into a versatile and insightful storyteller. His talent and hard work soon led him to produce content for prestigious platforms like Zee Network and international TV networks like Millionaire TV.

With this rich background, Anish founded Lemonz Studios in Delhi. His vision was clear: to create a video production company that blended international standards with local insights. Lemonz Studios quickly became known for its quality, creativity, and ability to tell compelling stories that resonate with diverse audiences.

Anish Bhatia
Founder – Lemonz Studios

The team behind a decade of insightful video work

Noopur Mishra Bhatia
Creative Director & Producer

Kunal Sen Verma
Business Development & Associate Producer

Rahul Shrivastava
Chief Marketing Officer

Tanvi Gosain
Content Strategist

Apoorva Bansal
Script Writer & Screenplay

Sharmila Ahuja
Brands & Designer

Sujeet Kumar 
Video Editor & VFX

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