Top 6 Examples of Outstanding Indian Marketing Campaigns

Video marketing has been a trend in the market for almost a decade now.

On a regular day, people spend around 84 minutes watching videos online. When you’re thinking about getting something new, whether it’s a gadget, clothing, or even a service, chances are you’d prefer watching a video over text. 

Over 90% of people desire to see more videos from brands and companies. As a result, companies are trying out different ways to make their videos more interesting and inspire viewers on a large scale. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some of India’s best marketing video examples. These videos tell powerful stories of strength to humor, we’ll analyze how these videos have not only redefined the marketing landscape but have also succeeded in capturing both the hearts of the audience and substantial market share.

Nanhi Kali and Nestlé India’s #EducateTheGirlChild

Nestlé India partnered with Project Nanhi Kali for the #EducateTheGirlChild campaign, creating one of the best marketing videos. This powerful campaign successfully struck an emotional chord with Indian audiences.

The ad’s brilliance lies in its simplicity. It tells the story of a young girl named Pari, who witnesses her older sister being denied the opportunity to go to school because of outdated gender norms. Determined to fight for her sister’s education, Pari takes a drastic step – she cuts her hair short, disguising herself as a boy to attend school with her brother.

The videography enhances the emotional impact of this story. 

The close-up shots of Pari’s face capture her innocence and vulnerability. The use of natural light and everyday settings creates a sense of authenticity and relatability. The subtle background music adds to the emotional weight of the scenes.

The script is minimal yet leaves a strong impression. The dialogues are simple and natural, reflecting the everyday reality of many girls in India who face the challenge of accessing education. Lines like “Padhne do na mujhe Papa (Please let me study)” leave a strong impact on the audience even after the ad ends.

What Marketers Can Take Away from Watching This Video?

The ad’s emotional impact made Nestlé establish a positive bond with consumers, building trust and loyalty towards the Nestlé India brand. This positive association of consumers with the brand made the consumers more likely to choose Nestlé over other brands. Thereby increasing its sales.

Hindustan Unilever’s “The Shower” Ad

Hindustan Unilever (HUL) is no stranger to making powerful ads that resonate with Indian audiences. They have set examples of best marketing videos of all time. Their recent campaign on water conservation “The Shower,” has received National Film Award for best storytelling, poignant message, and impactful videography.

The ad shows the harsh reality of water scarcity and compels viewers to reconsider their own water usage.

The ad videography is not just technical but also emotionally charged making it one of the best marketing video examples. The video shows sun-scorched landscapes, parched villagers, and the girl’s expressive eyes indicating the devastating effect of the drought. The slow-motion effects of the rainfall make each raindrop seem precious making it relatable to drought and hard life.

The ad is a masterclass of creative storytelling.

What Marketers Can Take Away from Watching This Video?

The ad linked with Hindustan Unilever (HUL) helps to show the image as a socially responsible company. While not directly measured, some studies suggest that consumers may be more likely to choose brands linked with positive social causes, potentially leading to increased sales for HUL.

Fevicol’s Sofa Ad: Celebrating 60 Years of Memories

Fevicol’s 60th-anniversary ad tells us a story about a family, a sofa, and 60 years of memories stitched together. In the ad a vintage black-and-white scene, a young couple gifting a shiny new sofa. Fast forward, and that sofa witnesses kids bouncing, grandparents napping, and generations laughing together speaks about the memories attached to the sofa. 

The ad talks about Fevicol not just being a glue but celebrating these bonds making it one of the best business videos of all time.

The videography in this ad switches from black-and-white of the ’60s to vibrant colours in the present transporting viewers into different eras. The camera often lingers on the sofa, showing its wear and tear and making the object show emotional impact.

The script relies on gestures, expressions, and familiar songs from different decades to tell the story. 

This ad is one of the best marketing video examples showing how videography and script can work together to create a good story.

What Marketers Can Take Away from Watching This Video?

The power of storytelling that taps into human emotions, like family bonds and nostalgia works better than persuading the the audience to buy the product itself. And so “The Sofa” ad by Fevical has been one of the best Corporate video inspirations of all time.

Happy Dent’s “Light City” Ad

Happy Dent’s “Light City” is a creative and fun advertisement that turns a simple chewing gum into a city of light. This ad is a classic example of one of the great marketing videos that stood the test of time.

Instead of showing a bland product demo, they came up with a quirky concept. Imaginary buildings pop up from shiny white teeth, traffic lights twinkle in bright smiles, and a Ferris wheel happily turns on a big grin.

The ad surprisingly doesn’t have any dialogue, letting the visuals and music do the storytelling. This allows viewers to fill in the blanks with their own interpretations, making the viewer feel more personal and engaging in the ad.

What Marketers Can Take Away from Watching This Video?

The “Light City” ad by Happy Dent sets the right example to get silly and push the boundaries. Sometimes playfulness works better than a serious tone, especially in advertising mediums.  And so, the “light city” ad has become one of the best marketing video examples in India.

Boost – Secret of My Energy

The phrase “Boost is the Secret of My Energy” has echoed through Indian households for decades making it the best Indian advertisement of all time.

The ad shows the intense training sessions of MS Dhoni (“Captain Cool”). The video captures the raw footage of the practice regime instead of the glamorous world of cricket. This proves to the viewers that legends like Dhoni work tirelessly for their success.

Later the ad culminates the dream of a young boy to chase Dhoni.

By associating this with Boost, Boost becomes more than just a beverage; it becomes of aspiration.

The ad’s script is refreshingly straightforward. With Dhoni’s voiceover, the ad relates to hard work and perseverance.

What Marketers Can Take Away from Watching This Video?

The ad highlights the point of celebrity endorsement done right. Dhoni in the ad wasn’t just a celebrity face, he was relatable to the values of hard work, dedication, and never giving up.

This is why the ad resonated so deeply with young Indian viewers, making it a prime example of the best business videos.

Slice: Aam Sutra campaign

Slice, the iconic mango drink, has been a staple during Indian summers for many years. However, its association with imagination and fun came with the arrival of Katrina Kaif in its 2009 “Aam Sutra” campaign.

The video is loaded with the sensory touch of luscious mangoes dripping with juice, evoking the feeling of eating mangoes on a sunny day. The video is beautifully captured, bringing the product to life. The playful act of Katrina gives the ad a lighthearted touch, making it a humorous and joyful advertisement.

The script tagline “aam sutra” is cleverly thought of, making it memorable. It plays on the popular Kama Sutra text, but with a mango twist, instantly grabbing the attention of the viewers.

The ad is an amazing marketing video which not only sells a product but also creates an emotional connection with viewers, reminding them of the joy of summer and the simple pleasures of life.

What Marketers Can Take Away from Watching This Video?

Slice ads go beyond selling their product, making them one of the best business videos ever.

By understanding the seasonal cravings of consumers during summer, they have tailored their content according to the summer vibe. They have made their visuals sensory and appealing to the viewers, making the product seem not just a desire but essential during summer.


As we come to the conclusion of this blog on  “Examples of Best Indian advertisement,” it boils down to the concoction of brilliant videography and excellent storytelling skills. 

If you’ve come this far, you probably understand the importance of video marketing and its ability to boost both brand awareness and sales.

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